Cut Down on Septic Pumping in Arlington

septic pumping in ArlingtonSuperior Septic Services has suggestions for ways to cut down on septic pumping in Arlington. To effectively do this, you need to understand the way that septic tanks work. They collect all the effluent from your home. Baffles capture the solids so that bacteria can get to work breaking them down. This an anaerobic composting method that works with the way all organic matter is disposed of in nature. The liquids are drained out into a leach field where they can be naturally filtered with gravel and light vegetation.

Simple as this process is, well-meaning or uninformed homeowners can interfere with this process. You are not entirely at fault; advertising companies should often shoulder their share of the blame. For example, disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products are often advertised as “flushable.” Don’t. They aren’t. Another product that is often advertised as “flushable” is scoopable kitty litter. According to many box labels, you should be able to flush the poo from your kitty’s box down the toilet, but there is always a few crumbs of litter clinging to it. Clay litter will create an inert mass in your sewer lines; organic litters will absorb water and expand. Then there are those chemical products advertised to help your septic tank work better. They are not helpful. If the only things that go down your drain is water, human feces and a reasonable amount of toilet paper you will facilitate the natural bacterial processes in your septic tank and you will reduce the likelihood of needing drains unclogged or the tank pumped.

Superior Septic Services has suggestions for ways to cut down on septic pumping in Arlington, but if you need us just call (425)905-2485. We even have that small truck that can access remote areas and challenging roads, and our technical team is friendly, professional, and easy to identify.

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