Common Reasons for Septic Repair in Everett

Common Reasons for Septic Repair in Everett

Do you need a company that specializes in septic repair in Everett? Superior Septic Services is here to help. Whatever your needs for your septic system, we strive to bring all of our clients the installation, repairs, and replacement that they need to keep their system intact for years to come.

If you are new to septic system ownership, here are some signs to look out for the indicate your septic system might not be working correctly and may require professional service. Make sure to take care of these issues quickly. These issues can lead to sewage-contaminated groundwater, surface water, or fixtures if left unchecked.

A clogged pipe leading from the house to the septic tank

You’ll notice the effects of this when this happens because your drains can start draining very slowly, or at least slower on lower levels of your home. In some cases, they stop draining entirely. If this happens, call a professional to snake your line. Blockages can be easily prevented by flushing only waste and toilet paper down the drain and scheduling annual septic system inspections. If pipes are damaged from vehicle traffic, animals, or plant roots, a portion of the pipeline will probably need to be replaced.

A blocked inlet baffle to the septic tank

This type of failure is very similar to when inlet pipes from the home to the septic tank are clogged. You can manually check this if you have access to your inlet baffle opening. If you’re able to reach it, use a pole to knock out toilet paper and other debris that may be contributing to the clog. Prevention is the same as dealing with clogged pipes from your home to your septic tank.

Drain field failure

A water-saturated drain field can mean that sewage starts backing up into your home. The first signs of this are going to be wet areas developing above or near your drain field. Grass can look spongy and bright green. You may also notice foul odors near the drain field, which can indicate that you need this component replaced.

In many cases, drain fields can be rehabilitated after they’ve been saturated. Contact a professional to see if it’s salvageable. If not, you can either get the drain field replaced or get your pipes connected to a public sewer system.

When you’re looking for a team knows the ins and outs of septic repair in Everett, you can count on Superior Septic Services to get the job done right for you the first time. For more information about our septic installation, maintenance, and repair services, or schedule a consultation for your system, call our team today at (425) 905-2485.

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