Choosing a Septic System

septic repair in Lake StevensWhen designing any new home, people typically give a great deal of consideration to its layout, materials utilized, and amenities. There are specific items that homeowners expect to be included, such as a certain number of bedrooms and baths. One aspect of new home building that is often not give much thought is the type of septic system that is best for your property. When choosing a septic system, one thing to consider in order to avoid frequent septic repair in Lake Stevens, is which will work best based on a few considerations including the overall size of property, and amount of people living in your residence.

Estimate your daily water usage in order to determine your septic tank size requirements. Prior to doing any research and looking at any septic systems, it is first important to narrow down what specific size septic tank is right for your property. A water usage per home of 0-500 gallons will need a 900-gallon capacity septic tank in order to process all water efficiently. If your water usage is in the neighborhood of 501-700 gallons, you will require a 1,200-gallon tank.

When you are selecting the best septic system design, don’t choose due only to brand names, but in terms of what type of soil the septic tank will be installed into. The type of soil surrounding your property should be the main consideration when choosing the septic tank that is selected. After a tank is determined, you must then shop for a pump that will be utilized.

There are two different types of pumps including a centrifugal or a turbine pump. In order to ensure that your septic system will work efficiently for years to come, and experience little issues, it is essential to select the correct system in advance. Professional consultation should be discussed with a qualified septic company who can discuss options with you and offer guidance as to the best system for your requirements.

To learn more about the best septic system for your property, or for qualified septic repair in Lake Stevens, contact Superior Septic Services, LLC at (425) 905-2485. Our experienced septic technicians can offer guidance on what septic system will suit your needs best.

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