Bothell Portable Toilet

Imagine that you are hosting a large outdoor wedding. The location of your dreams is in the middle of a lush forest, with a nice clearing for guests to gather. You’ve arranged the caterers to bring food out, and even rented a dance floor, to make the reception even better. However, there is one consideration that you may not have remembered—you and your guest’s restroom needs. What can you do? For many situations, porta potties are the answer and will make the day go off without a hitch. While porta potties are extraordinarily useful, and you’ll find that our Bothell Portable Toilet rental service is a great solution for your bathroom needs, there are some things that you must keep in mind.

Before you rent the porta potties, first get an idea of what you want. There are basic facilities as well as more complex porta potties that have room for guests to move around. Since most of your guests will be well-dressed for the event, you may consider on of the deluxe models, to serve everyone’s needs. Talk to one of the customer service representatives at Superior Septic Service, and they can help you get pointed in the right direction.

Once you’ve chosen the right facility for your event , then you need to keep some things in mind for the set-up. You don’t want to leave these decisions for the last minute. Determining it ahead of time will make things easier for you when Superior Septic arrives with your porta potty. Keep these things in mind when choosing a spot:

  • Find a level location, preferably on dry, solid ground.
  • While you don’t want the porta potties right in the middle of the action, you do want it easily accessible by your guests.
  • Choose your location in an area where the support truck can park to drop off and pick up the potty.

If you keep each of these things in mind, you’ll find that your experience with a Bothell Portable Toilet rental company much smoother. Hopefully, your event will go off without a hitch! Contact Superior Septic Services at 425-905-2485.

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